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01 Sep

Investing in Poland?

If you are looking to invest in Europe, look no further than Poland… Find out in this latest report, a complete overview of the Polish market. Click the link to download the research paper – (Source: BNP PARIBAS) Poland Market Insights ‘Summary’ Consumer demand, local investments (financed by the EU) and consumer optimism remain

29 Aug

Poland – Economy & Trade

Poland amongst the EU leaders with GDP growth of 4.4% Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS) and Eurostat have published data on GDP, in the second quarter the Polish economy has grown significantly faster than the average of EU Member-States. Poland’s economy topped analysts’ expectations and in the second quarter of 2017 (April-June period), the

23 May

’Doing Business in Poland’ – A Guide to Success

We can understand why you are considering a business proposition in Poland; it has a great strategic position as a doorway to Central and Eastern Europe, and the unrelenting increase of its GDP make for a great opportunity for an ambitious entrepreneur. What Should I Consider? Each and every business project takes a lot of