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08 Feb

Statutory minimum wage

The statutory minimum wage was increased for the year 2017 from 1,850.00 PLN to 2,000.00 PLN (around 465 EUR). The minimum wage regulation applies to full-time employees. The regulation, which has been in place for many years that pay for new employees in the first working year cannot be less than 80% of the minimum

04 Mar

New HR and Payroll regulations for the year 2016

1. For this coming year, 2016, the minimum wage has been increased to 1,850 PLN (approx. 450 EURO) for a full-time job. 2. The rules for temporary contracts and the related notice periods, are changed as follows. As of 22nd February, 2016, an employer will be able to enter into only a maximum of three

01 Mar

Changes to taxation in 2016

New rules for making adjustments to costs as of 1st January, 2016. Correction invoices will be processed on an ongoing basis without the need to do this retrospectively. The new regulations apply to adjustments on revenue and expenses arising which are a result of events that change the taxable base. For example, tax rebate, negotiating

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