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Close co-operation between Polish members doesn't stop at the Polish border.

As the Polish Alliance of HLB International we work with fellow HLB International members across the world to provide international clients with a continuous service. International business brings an assortment of new challenges for reputable businesses - beyond the apparent language obstacles, the different and sometimes complex regulatory and fiscal environments, there is also the difficult areas of social and cultural standards, not to mention the benefits of local understanding, all of these combine to make doing business internationally either extremely worthwhile or horribly frustrating. Being part of the HLB International network, and being able to create working relationships with our HLB International colleagues we can ensure it’s always a positive and seamless experience.

HLB Country Desks

HLB Poland of course realise the necessity to handle client needs on an international basis. In the medium-sized sector particularly, complex questions and queries which involve an international scope require the collaboration of highly qualified world-wide associates.

Below is a list of some of the HLB International countries that currently HLB Poland can reach out to, at a moment’s notice. Just click on the HLB International country icon to visit their website. This will give you first-hand look at the firm/s in this country, then we would of course set-up the rest.

In our HLB International network we can easily ensure access to all significant economic centers around the globe.

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