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01 Oct

Tax Information | Poland – 10 facts

A brief summary of the most important information for any business or individuals who plan to invest in Poland. Corporate Income Tax (CIT) CIT is levied at a rate of 19% (standard rate) or 15% (reduced rate for small taxpayers and new companies in the first year of business activity). Withholding Tax Rate A withholding

13 Sep

Alert | Planned changes to Polish business taxation for 2019

Be aware of possible legislative changes, getsix® have prepared for you a list of proposed changes in Polish business taxation for 2019. The Polish Ministry of Finance has announced key changes to be proposed under 2019 tax reform. These proposed regulations create on one hand preferences for some business areas, and on the other hand

21 Mar

Employee’s Capital Plans – Additional Pension Schemes

From 2019, some companies will be required to create ‘Employee Capital Plans’ for their employees, as part of additional pension schemes. This obligation will be phased in, with companies with more than 250 employees affected. The minimum contribution paid by an employer and also the employee should be 3.5%. Employees may, however, at any time

15 Jan

VAT split payments further delay by Poland to July 2018

The introduction of ‘Split Payments’ will be delayed announced the Polish Ministry of Finance until 1st July, 2018. This anti-VAT fraud measure has already been delayed once since the original launch plan of 1st January, 2018. ‘Split Payments’ is a measure requiring B2B customers to pay the VAT element of an invoice into a separate

08 Jan

Poland reclassified to Developed Market status by FTSE Russell

It was recently announced that FTSE Russell has upgraded Poland from ‘Emerging Market’ to ‘Developed Market’ status. This acknowledgement represents the progress made by the Polish economy and capital markets, and that the country has joined the 25 most developed economies of the world. The decision will be effective in conjunction with the FTSE Global

19 Dec

Best-Performing Cities in Europe

4 cities in Poland are the best performing within the Top 20 in Europe: Gdansk, WROCŁAW, POZNAŃ and Krakow! Best-Performing Cities/Regions 1 Inner London-East, UK 2 Stockholm, Sweden 3 Budapest, Hungary 4 Pomorskie, POLAND (includes Gdańsk) 5 Nord-Vest, Romania 6 Dolnoslaskie, POLAND (includes Wrocław) 7 Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Oxfordshire, UK 8 Oberbayern, Germany (includes Munich)

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