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10 Jan

getsix Services have moved to a new Data Centre

getsix Services has recently invested time and resources moving to the most modern Data Centre in Europe. This now enhances our offering even further, with a more secure and stable infrastructure at the maximum SLA level. We now guarantee the highest level of data security and business continuity. The ‘real’ benefits for our customers are:

14 Dec

HLB Poland | Service Information

HLB Poland member firm AVANTA has put together an informative article regarding ‘Financial reporting in Poland only in digital form’. Please make yourself aware of this important information. Please click here for the article.

17 Mar

Agriculture & Food industry

The government wants to stop the sale of agricultural land for 5 years The Department of Agriculture has released the draft of the law in the Official Journal BIP that will regulate an agricultural land transaction from 1st May, 2016. It is titled ‘Law on the setting of selling real estate from agricultural property holdings

04 Mar

New HR and Payroll regulations for the year 2016

1. For this coming year, 2016, the minimum wage has been increased to 1,850 PLN (approx. 450 EURO) for a full-time job. 2. The rules for temporary contracts and the related notice periods, are changed as follows. As of 22nd February, 2016, an employer will be able to enter into only a maximum of three

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