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22 Jan

The most significant changes to Polish CIT for this coming year

Capital income and its separation from other income of the taxpayer From the 1st January, 2018 within the ‘Corporate Income Tax Act’, taxpayers will be obliged to detach the operating income from the capital income. Subsequently, loss from one source will not decrease income from the other source. The provision determined above will be appropriate

07 Nov

Poland – Foreign Companies ‘Fixed-Establishment’

Poland is progressively altering its attitude regarding the conception of ‘fixed establishment’ for VAT purposes. The Polish tax authorities and courts are taking an expanding approach concerning those activities of foreign companies which give rise to a fixed establishment. As a general rule, a ‘fixed establishment’ shall be any establishment categorised by a adequate degree

03 Oct

e-Commerce platforms could be liable for VAT fraud proposes the EU

The EU is continuing with suggestions to enforce obligations to online marketplaces for VAT fraud committed by non-EU merchants on their e-Commerce platforms. This move will endeavour to tackle over €5bn in non/under declared VAT by fraudsters, many originating from China. This measure was introduced by the UK in 2016 to tackle its own estimated

19 Sep

Retail Sales Tax postponed by Poland

Poland has postponed the implementation date of the new ‘Retail Sales Tax’ following the challenges of the European Commission (EC). This initiative comprised of a turnover tax levied on established and non-established businesses in Poland. The turnover rate of each company determined the applicable rates, but businesses with a turnover below PLN 17 million would

14 Sep

Poland – VAT split payments delayed until April 2018

The introduction of anti-VAT Split Payments has been delayed until 1st April, 2018 Poland has announced. The original date had been 1st January, 2018. To explain ‘Split Payments’, this is the payment of the VAT element of a sales invoice into a special, controlled VAT account of the seller. The seller may only use these

03 Aug

Poland VAT – Split Payments 2018

From the 1st January 2018, Poland will introduce a voluntary anti-VAT Fraud split payment mechanism. This system will ONLY apply on domestic transactions and will not affect invoice requirements. B2C transactions WILL NOT be impacted by these changes, only business to business sales. We have not received information about the possibility of opting for this

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